The Food Being Seminar

    • How does one prepare food based on responsible health choices that align with sustainable ecological principles?

    • In what ways has the evolution of the human diet contributed to our current global health crisis?

    • How might an understanding of the body’s second brain  –the microbial universe of our digestion– transform our understanding of optimal health?

    • How can nutrition and lifestyle determine genetic expression of the individual and his/her children?

    • What knowledge does one need to prepare real, nutrient dense food?

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Food Being and TIES

Food Being is a new initiative of The Institute for Educational Studies (TIES). Founded in 1988 TIES has been an innovator in on-line learning communities since 1993. We focus on dialogue as a core communication process, enabling participants to make a meaningful contribution. In addition to real-time and virtual conferences, TIES primary focus is a graduate program leading to the M.Ed. in Integrative Learning.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” ~Thomas Edison


Food Being

…is an experience that cultivates a direct connection to one’s intuitive food intelligence. It is based on a real-food approach to nutrition that integrates mind, body, and heart.

…provides opportunities to explore our individual and collective food stories. By bringing a deeper awareness to the food journey we connect to an innate food intelligence that draws from the wisdom of our ancestors.

…is an on-line collective of engaged participants exploring the personal roots and cultural dimensions of our food stories.

Food Being seeks to empower individuals and families who want to make conscious food choices toward a path of health and well-being.

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You may come away with…

…a sense of reconnection to our culinary heritage.

…a deep awareness of your own food journey and a sense of deeper connection to your place in the universe.

…an understanding of a nutrient-dense diet and practical steps on how to bring it into your lifestyle.

…a broader understanding of the mythologies surrounding sugar and dietary fats.

…a sense of confidence, creativity and passion to turn your kitchen table into an expression of your own Food Being.


Continuing Education and Graduate Credit



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